Saturday, October 25, 2008


There was a taxi driver who went to his church to give testimony after he narrowly escaped being killed by the passengers in his car. He was beaten to a state of coma. As he gave the testimony of his life, narrating how God Almighty saved his life, his wife jumped up from amongst the congregation and started singing Oluwa, Oluwa mi (My God, my God). Her husband burst into tears of joy while the wife and the congregation joined him in shedding tears of joy. Such is the acceptability of the Opelope Anointing that gospel lovers started asking questions about the composer of the record.
The album was released at the time when the old timers in the gospel music industry were re-recording and re-launching their old records, so as to remain relevant and to satisfy their teeming supporters.
The brain behind Opelope Anointing is Evangelist Dunni Olanrewaju, who has passed through the thick and thin of life in every area of her endeavour. Today, she is staging a comeback.
This encounter with her revealed what has kept her out of circulation for sometime and her new marital status.
“Do you know that every thing under heaven has its time? I thank God today for the gift of life. The challenges are so enormous but God is there for me. I am married to my music now. The issue of marriage is not in my agenda; the focus is my music and how to praise my God to high heavens.”
Could she have regretted being beaten and battered in the past? “I have no regret. From the beginning, God has always been on my side. He has done all His works that will enable me to succeed.
One might think that force can do things sometimes; no, but with fervent prayer and wisdom and by striving hard, a lot can be achieved. It is like when a pregnant woman wants to deliver her baby, she will have to forcefully push –if anybody wants to be great in life he needs prayers, wisdom, patience and even aggressiveness. I thank God that in the beginning, it was the grace of God which enabled me to overcome all the problems.”
Asking what should her fans be expecting, Opelope Anointing said, “They should always believe in God and see Him in me. I would always cherish them for their patronage.”
Rumoured in some quarters that she had secured property in London, Opelope Anointing gave thanks to Almighty God. She said, “I thank God. You have said a good prayer for me. No foreign currency anywhere, but the Bible says "Go ye into the world and preach the gospel. My regular travelling is just to keep in contact with my fans all over the world, which by the grace of God is yielding positive results."
"The greatest testimony I would like to share with the children of God is Opelope Anointing. Somebody asked me sometime ago where I had been all the while. But something happened and I want the children of God to learn a lesson from it. "I was in a church in early 1999 and we were told that the spirit of God asked people to do property offering and I was thinking of what was in my house that was worth giving out. I then thought of my fridge and when I got home, I packed the fridge and sowed it for the church. The story of my life changed from that point. Also in Ibadan some years ago, I was in a church where we were asked to do a thanksgiving we’ve not done before and I told God, ‘you know that it is only 200 naira I have in my bag.'
That day, the spirit of God told me that, ”Dunni, do you know that if you do not complete your contribution, heaven will not release anything wonderful to you.” This was repeated thrice and we were at Christ Revival Miracle Centre Church in Ibadan. I then asked my workers to bring money realised from the sales of cassettes, though I was invited to come and render songs of praises at a revival organised there. But the problem with me was that the money was to redeem the debt I owed a recording studio. I resolved that it is the soul that owes that will. So I gave out the total money realised to God as offering.
When we got to Lagos, the first surprise I had was that on the third day I dreamt I was in a big auditorium and I saw late Pa Babalola, my grand father who was a pastor before he died and between two of them I saw something that looked like the statue of Jesus but I just heard a voice that Baba wanted to bless us that we should kneel down –we were in the church. I just discovered that the statue of Jesus started moving towards me. He prayed for somebody and also prayed for me but I could not remember all that happened. It was when I woke up I discovered that whatever curses or ill-luck in my life had gone into the whirlwind."
Are you celebrating your annual anniversary this year or…?Yes we are celebrating by the grace of God on Sunday and it’ going to be awesome. We’ve committed much resources into the program, just come and see Opelope anointing in new dimension.

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